The agreement sets forth the customer’s intent to continue use of this product, in volume, for the next 5 years. The terms of this supply agreement, including the name of the customer, are covered under a confidentiality agreement.

The wireless systems, meet Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Medical Implant Communications Services (MICS) guidelines. The ultra-low power Virtual Wire transceiver is an enabling technology. Other medical industry standards, such as the Continua Health Alliance standards and the Wireless Medical Telemetry Standard (WMTS), are also opportunities for RFM’s broad product portfolio.

David Kirk, president and CEO of RFM, said: “RFM’s ultra-low power short-range radio, Virtual Wire, has been designed into various medical devices in recent years. This business, along with our custom modules, specific to medical applications, has driven this market segment to as much as 24% of our total business in recent quarters.

“There are multiple applications for RFM’s enabling products ranging from diagnostic communication devices to patient monitoring equipment. These applications give us a solid footprint into a rapidly growing wireless market for years to come. We continue to seek additional innovative opportunities as M2M standards emerge in the medical market.”