The evaluations have transpired into new customers in Arizona, New Mexico, South Carolina, North Dakota, New Jersey, Wyoming, Colorado, and New York, in the last two months.

CellerateRx is a patented and one kind of a collagen product that is FDA approved for market for all acute and chronic wounds except third degree burns. It successfully addresses the multi-billion dollar wound care market.

Cathy Bradshaw, president of Wound Care Innovations, a subsidiary of Wound Management Technologies, said: “We are excited about the number of new clinicians using CellerateRx. This has also resulted in an increase in the number of new distributors of our product around the country.”

Larry Baratta, VP of medical affairs at Wound Care Innovations, said: “The physicians that have contacted me have experienced outstanding clinical efficacy, particularly on diabetic and arterial ulcers when using CellerateRx. They also commented on the reduction of pain as noted by their patients with arterial ulcers while achieving wound resolution.”

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