American medical device component supplier Qosina will join a long list of companies working with EcoVadis to improve their supply chain sustainability


EcoVadis’ supply chain sustainability assessments focus on 21 criteria that are based on international standards (Credit: Shutterstock)

Qosina is looking to improve its supply chain sustainability through a new partnership with ratings provider EcoVadis.

The US-based medical device components manufacturer said it will be well-placed to enhance the environmental and social impact of its procurement processes, as well as those of its own suppliers.

Qosina will leverage EcoVadis’ proven platform to extend value into its supply base, providing actionable insights for improvement through the sustainability evaluation, assessment and continued monitoring of vendors.

The company received its EcoVadis assessment in August 2020 and said it is committed to driving corporate social responsibility concerning supply chains across the medical, pharmaceutical and beauty industries.

Scott Herskovitz, president and CEO of Qosina – who was also elected to the Bio-Process Systems Alliance (BPSA) board of directors earlier this week – said: “Sustainability and ethical practices are core to who we are.

“Since 1980, our products and services have been used across multiple industries and by millions of people worldwide, meaning the impact of procuring those items is wide-ranging.

“We have a responsibility to society and the communities we serve to act as responsibly, sustainably and proactively as possible.

“We have the power to improve the global supply chain, and EcoVadis is essential in helping us achieve that.”


Qosina joins long list of EcoVadis companies

Paris-based EcoVadis – the “world’s most trusted” provider of business sustainability ratings – has rated more than 75,000 companies worldwide.

In the process, it has mitigated risks for some of the world’s largest organisations, while positively impacting the environment, fostering transparency and driving innovation.

EcoVadis’ assessments focus on 21 sustainability criteria that are based on international standards and can be grouped into four main themes: Environment, Labour and Human Rights, Ethics, and Sustainable Procurement.

David McClintok, marketing director at EcoVadis, said: “Commitments to sustainable supply chain practices are tantamount to long-term value creation.

“But, commitments are just the beginning – sustainability initiatives must constantly evolve to keep pace with the demands of corporate social responsibility.

“Qosina’s proactive approach to improving their sustainability program from the top down is a strategic step in fostering environmentally responsible supply chains around the world.”