Pulmo BioTech has completed the final stages of its experimental work required for regulatory approval to commence phase I human trials.

PulmoBind uses an intravenously delivered radionuclide tagged molecule which specifically bonds to the inner walls of the circulatory system in the lungs, and by the use of an external Gamma Camera, allows an image of the integrity of the blood vessels throughout the lungs to be seen by a diagnostic clinician.

Reportedly, the company is currently undertaking regulatory approval for phase I human trials, and while subsequent results from additional tests might not corroborate the current results, it believes that PulmoBind has the potential to dominate the market for the diagnosis of Pulmonary Embolism.

Garry McCann, CEO of Pulmo BioTech, said: “With the successful completion of the Local reaction study and the Binding studies with MCF-7 cells we have now concluded all of the work agreed with the Regulatory Authority as being necessary prior to commencing our Phase I Trials.

“We are now completing and finalising our documentation packs prior to submitting our report to the Regulatory Authority for permission to commence Phase I Human Trials of our PulmoBind pulmonary imaging agent.”