Varian Medical Systems, Inc. (Varian Medical), a manufacturer of medical products for treating cancer and other medical conditions, will be showcasing its products at the European Congress of Radiology Annual (ECR) meeting in Vienna, Austria from March 6 - 10, 2009. Varian will exhibit PaxScan 4336R, PaxScan 4343R and the MCS-6074. Varian will also exhibit its full range of X-ray tubes for fluoroscopy, angiography, cardiology and cone-beam CT imaging.

The PaxScan 4336R, a 43cm x 36cm detector designed to replace standard film cassettes used in existing radiographic applications and is intended for use in mobile and multi-bucky imaging systems.

The PaxScan 4343R, Varian’s panel, a 43cm x 43cm detector, is designed for permanent mounting in radiographic tables or wall stands. The large size of the 4343R makes it an excellent receptor for real-time, large field of view image acquisition.The new G-296 rotating anode X-ray tube developed for use with flat panel digital detectors. The insert is specifically designed for general radiology, cineradiographic and fluoroscopic procedures.

The MCS-6074 rotating anode X-ray tube for CT scanning along with a line-up of replacement X-ray tubes that are available through Varian’s Interay, a wholly owned subsidiary that offers medical X-ray tubes “on demand” for the service and small OEM markets.

“Varian offers the broadest selection of both stock X-ray tubes and amorphous-silicon imaging detectors in the industry,” said Steve Kimmel, vice president of marketing for the company’s X-ray products group. “We offer our products for new X-ray equipment and replacement X-ray tubes for installed systems.”

“We are committed to providing our growing European customer base quality products and ‘on demand’ service,” said Kimmel. “From stocking locations around the world we are able to offer regional product and support services, which in turn help increase our customer’s competitiveness in the marketplace.”