Acumed SLIC screw system is an adjunct to the biological healing of soft tissue repair or reconstructions that treat scapholunate instability.

The system includes system-specific instrumentation, a specialized targeting guide, and multiple-size screws to accommodate varying patient anatomy.

Orthopedic surgeon Dr Michael McNamara has designed the SL targeting guide for Acumed. The SL targeting guide sits on the outside of the wrist and accomplishes various functions.

With the use of a joystick clip and temporary K-wires, the SL targeting guide allows surgeon to reduce the scaphoid and lunate bones back into position.

The targeting guide allows the user to locate the screw trajectory accurately using fluoroscopy, locking the guide wire (for the screw) in one plane of motion while adjusting and locking it in the second plane.

It helps in accurate placement of the guide wire centrally through the bones from the lateral view. Once the guide wire is placed properly, the bones can then be drilled and the screw inserted.

Orthopaedic surgeon Dr William Geissler has designed the SLIC screw. The screws are available in three sizes including 22mm, 25mm and 28mm with the length variation in the scaphoid portion of the screw.

The joint of the SLIC screw resides in the interval between the scaphoid and lunate and allows for an approximate 15 to 22 degree toggle angle range of rotation.

The scaphoid portion of the screw varies in length while the lunate portion is consistent across all three screws. This allows the back end of the screw to sit just below the articular cartilage of the radial side of the scaphoid to aid in screw removal.

The three different-size easyouts are included to aid in the removal of the screw after 6-9 months.

Dr Geissler noted the new SLIC screw system provides mechanical support while the soft tissue repair heals and matures.

"Prolonged stabilization of the involved carpal bones eliminates the potential complications of temporary Kirschner wire fixation," Geissler added.

Image: Acumed launches scapho-lunate inter carpal screw system for ligament repair. Photo: Courtesy of PRNewswire/Acumed