Once deployed, the solution will cater for the full range of practice management and clinical reporting functions including primary diagnosis in both 2-dimension and 3-dimension as well as image archiving and distribution.

The solution, by virtue of its thin client technology, will also enable Southern Radiology to provide referrers with the ability to remotely access, view and manipulate their patients’ images in both 2D and 3D.

David Chambers, chief executive officer of Pro Medicus, said: “We are delighted to be in business partnership with such an innovative organisation as Southern Radiology. This will be an excellent showcase for our entire suite of products and will provide us with a highly visible Sydney-based reference site for our technology.”

Jonathan Seeff, senior partner at Southern Radiology, said: “Our practice is growing rapidly, particularly in the areas of subspecialty reporting. This means that our MRI or CT experts need to report cases from across our entire network regardless of which practice they are at that day.

“Pro Medicus, with its thin client streaming technology, enables us to view even the largest image data sets without having to move them across our network. It has provided us with the technological step change that we were looking for, not to mention that it will provide us with a strategic advantage in terms of how we make our images available to our referrers. It is the next generation in digital imaging technology.”