EVOLVE MVMT, a first-of-its-kind wearable that aims to optimize human movement through walking, is the first to analyze not just quantity, but quality, of steps. EVOLVE MVMT enables users to enhance their walking technique to achieve significant health benefits like burning more calories when walking the same distance, and minimizing force transmitted through the joints, making for more efficient and healthier exercise. Designed to facilitate physical longevity and wellness, EVOLVE MVMT preserves the joints and improves muscle recruitment, which also contributes to better posture.

Whether it’s walking on artificial surfaces (e.g., concrete) or relying on modern shock absorbing footwear, most people have adopted a poor walking pattern. For the more than 115.1 million Americans who walk for exercise, the implications of ineffective movement lead to less energy being consumed, less activation of the muscles, and more stress transmitted to the joints. Created with more than 15 years of research and development, EVOLVE MVMT uses exclusive patented technology to evaluate walking form in real-time. It guides users to improve the quality of each step through applied correction and the technique of “light walking” developed by physiotherapist Luke Pickett.

Initial patient studies conducted at facilities such as the Cleveland Clinic and Monash University in Australia show up to 36% more energy is burned by patients optimizing their walking technique through EVOLVE MVMT’s “light walking.” This technique has several other key lifestyle benefits that help with longevity and health, like improved posture and injury prevention. The increased muscle activation through the core and along the length of the spine contributes to improvement in posture. The increased neuromuscular activity decreases the stress on the lower limb and spinal joints.

“EVOLVE MVMT utilizes biomimicry to improve neuromuscular performance by increasing muscle activation, which burns more energy,” says Luke Pickett, founder of EVOLVE MVMT. “Optimizing walking technique provides a variety of other health benefits too, such as preserving joint cartilage, improving posture, decreasing risk of injury, and more effective exercise, or a greater calorie burn for the same distance and time. This all contributes positively to overall wellness and weight loss goals.”

Source: Company Press Release