A Heart-Lung Machine is a sophisticated piece of medical equipment that helps maintain a patient’s life when undergoing an open-heart cardiac surgery procedure. The function of the HLM is to provide blood oxygenation and circulation to organs and the brain while the patient’s heart and lungs are temporarily stopped.

Sold worldwide in more than 50 countries, the S5 Heart-Lung Machine sets new standards in HLM technology through the culmination of more than 30 years of experience in extracorporeal perfusion system design and manufacturing. The S5 model delivers greater flexibility for the operator and a more sophisticated feature set than any other system in the market. The S5 is also one of the first medical devices available in more than 30 languages including Chinese, Russian and Japanese. The S5 features – among other things – an intuitive user interface with a full text message system and unprecedented safety features with central management of warnings and alarms which makes it easy and safe to use.

Being close to our customers’ needs and providing solutions to the challenges they face in daily hospital life, leads to the innovations that Sorin Group continues to launch in the market.

“We are committed to continually deliver product and service excellence to support our worldwide leading position and drive market development through technological innovation.“ declared Michel Darnaud, President, Cardiopulmonary Business Unit and Intercontinental, Sorin Group.