Philips Healthcare Imaging Systems CEO Gene Saragnese said the company work closely with radiologists to understand their biggest challenges, and incorporate these understandings in the development of innovative products like Vereos PET/CT and IQon Spectral CT to meet their complex imaging needs.

"These innovations demonstrate how Philips is providing radiologists with exceptional quality and accuracy in imaging at low dose rates, helping clinicians to get answers, the first time around, so that they can deliver accurate and more confident diagnoses to patients," Saragnese added.

The Vereos PET/CT incorporates the company’s proprietary Digital Photon Counting technology and is reportedly the first system to use digital silicon photomultiplier detectors instead of traditional analog detectors.

It has improved sensitivity and resolution, and delivers high quality images for enhanced diagnostic confidence compared to analog systems.

According to the company, in a recent survey, nine out of ten referring physicians preferred Vereos digital PET/CT images over images taken with an analog system.

Philips has received 510(k) clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to market its digital PET/CT system in the US.

IQon Spectral CT system is reportedly the first spectral-detector CT system built from the ground up for spectral imaging that uses color to identify the composition of an image without involving time-consuming protocols.