Cook Medical said that it has also incorporated Microvol technology into the Guardia AccessET. Microvol decreases the volume of the fluid within the catheter that is required for embryo transfer. Less fluid can help reduce embryo migration and help optimize implantation.

The Guardia AccessET has a precurved guiding catheter that facilitates insertion into the uterus. Along with a bulb tip for easy passage through the cervix, the Guardia AccessET also has a soft, flexible transfer catheter that helps minimize endometrial trauma.

Christina Anne, vice president of Women’s Health business unit at Cook Medical, said: “The EchoTip technology used in the Guardia AccessET may significantly impact the ease of use for reproductive endocrinologists during a critical phase of the in vitro fertilization (IVF) process. In vitro fertilization can be an emotionally and physically taxing experience for the patient.

“With that in mind, Cook continually seeks to provide fertility specialists with high-quality solutions that streamline and simplify the IVF process, while striving to improve overall outcomes and experiences for patients.”

Cook Medical is a provider of medical devices commonly used to perform minimally invasive medical procedures throughout the body.