The patent entitled ‘Safety Device for Drug Delivery Devices and Containers,’ was issued on 5 April 2011 and the purpose of the patented safety label is to make drug delivery devices or containers safer.

The patent describes methods to enable users to clearly and readily distinguish among different drug containers having different drugs or different concentrations of drugs in a fast and reliable manner.

One version of the safety label displays the drug name in three different orientations: a drug concentration section, a variable information section, and a gradiation viewing section.

The three orientations are different from each other, which enable a user to readily see the drug name regardless of the position and orientation of the drug container.

PharMEDium chairman and CEO David Jonas said labeling is yet another important way to demonstrate an undistracted focus on patient safety, efficiency and quality in all aspects of drug compounding, distribution, and clinical usage.

"We are committed to using color-differentiated labeling, tamper-evident packaging, and incorporating proven labeling processes to ensure that the easily identifiable and correct label is on the right drug in the right concentration each time," Jonas said.