McCaa previously worked for End Range of Motion Improvement, Inc., Infinity Orthopaedics, LLC, and Cryolife, Inc. He received a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering from Christian Brothers University and a Master of Science degree in mechanical and biomedical engineering from the University of Texas.

“Recruiting a seasoned industry executive to oversee the surgeon training programs demonstrates ReGen’s commitment to ensuring that surgeons, who already have shown a high interest in the Menaflex device, are fully informed about the role it plays in meniscus preservation efforts,” said ReGen Biologics chairman and chief executive officer Gerald E. Bisbee.

ReGen Biologics has undertaken training throughout the US to provide surgeons with practical guidance on insertion and use of the Menaflex device.

McCaa noted, “This device, which was cleared last year by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, has been in use in Europe for a number of years. Part of my mission will be to ensure U.S. surgeons learn of patient results in Europe, as well as in the clinical studies here in the United States.”

“Cam’s extensive business background in orthopedic sales and marketing, plus his history with meniscus preservation while working with Cryolife, offer a great combination of practical and academic insight,” commented Jeff Chandler, ReGen Biologics’s senior vice president of sales and marketing.