Patients across the region will gain access to one of Singapore's leading private hospitals, Farrer Park, from today with GetDoc


GetDoc launches affordable healthcare to its South-East Asia users. (Credit: )

With the increasing cost of living and rising demand for medical care services in the wake of COVID-19, access to healthcare is more important now than ever before. GetDoc’s mission has always been to make healthcare affordable for everyone, and the connected platform has partnered with a number of additional providers, including Singapore’s Farrer Park Hospital, to bring accessible cross-border treatments to more users in South-East Asia.

Anyone can sign up to GetDoc’s connected healthcare platform for free and search book, chat and tele-consult with specialists. Meanwhile, at only $12 a year, GetDocPlus subscribers can enjoy concessionary rates for consultations or treatments with trusted healthcare professionals when they flash their in-App e-Card for walk-in appointments and treatments in Singapore and Malaysia. Following the signing of the recent partnership, users will now be able to directly access virtual consultations from Farrer Park Hospital through GetDoc’s tele-consult platform.

“GetDoc’s vision is to add value and enrich lives through mobility solutions and deliver a better healthcare experience. We are pleased to partner with one of Singapore’s leading healthcare providers to empower individuals in our community and across the region to manage their healthcare offline and online while continuing to make quality healthcare more accessible for families, students, carers and more,” said Woon Shung Toon, CEO and Founder of GetDoc (by Jireh Group).

Launched in 2018, GetDoc has exploded in popularity as more users seek cost-effective cross-border healthcare solutions that are available any time, anywhere. These highly affordable subscriptions are particularly beneficial for those who do not qualify for local medical subsidies or have medical insurance that only covers in-Hospital visits.

In addition to telehealth consulting services, GetDocPlus members will have even greater access to lower healthcare costs once borders reopen, as they are able to search and book online and walk-in services instantly at over 600 clinics in Singapore, 1500 clinics and hospitals in Malaysia and 50 clinics and hospitals in Thailand — providing convenient access to high-quality, trusted healthcare providers from the comfort of their own home.

The app also offers comprehensive coverage for both generalist and specialist providers, ranging from certified doctors and specialists to dentists, TCMs and Allied Health Professionals such as physiotherapists, optometrists and psychiatrists.

As well as finding providers and seamlessly booking appointments, users can participate in health discussions, access topics on GetDoc’s public health forums and health information from A-Z. They can even make cashless payments directly through the platform to minimize cash management and better track payments.

The app also has a live chat function that allows users to get simple questions answered by a doctor through the direct message service, without needing to go to a clinic.

Furthermore, GetDocPlus members can take advantage of an ever-growing number of benefits with a vast host of participating partners, including health and wellness offers such as gym memberships and supplements, and exclusive rewards and discounts at eCommerce retailers and F&B outlets.

Source: Company Press Release