The distal delivery catheters feature an advanced polymer and nitinol coil reinforcement design at the distal tip to enable easy tracking through tortuous vessels.

Compatible with microcatheter-delivered neuro endovascular therapies, distal delivery catheters also have large tapered lumen design which enables higher contrast flow and better visualization while maintaining the flexibility to help physicians deliver therapies more efficiently.

Mercy St. Vincent’s Medical Center stroke and endovascular neurosurgery medical director John Whapham said while delivering and positioning catheter in a very challenging aneurysm, the 4MAX DDC provided support in stabilizing the tip of the coil delivery catheter enabling significantly more control over coil loops.

"Further, it provides the first practical delivery technology which combines guide catheter-like support proximally, with microcatheter-like properties as it is navigated more distally,"Whapham added.

"The DDC family will be my go-to catheter for a wide variety of patients and therapies due to the ability to bring a stable catheter construct to even the most distal anatomy."