The secure mobile Reflex platform offers near-instant repeatability of physiological and unbiased tests


Image: brightlamp's innovative mobile SaaS product will capture objective concussion and TBI diagnostic data in five seconds. Photo: courtesy of StockSnap from Pixabay.

Capturing objective data in about five seconds that can aid concussion diagnoses through an iPhone, the Reflex PLR Analyzer, an industry-disruptive diagnostic tool for traumatic brain injury (TBI) and various cognitive issues, is rapidly advancing in the healthcare market.

As brightlamp’s premier mobile pupillometer technology, Reflex represents a “truly breakthrough innovation in the healthcare space,” as noted by Indiana University innovation expert Donald F. (“Dr. K”) Kuratko.

“The advanced functionality of this new version of Reflex truly helps unlock the diagnostic power of the pupil,” said Kurtis Sluss, brightlamp CEO and founder. “brightlamp’s patented technology platform captures and measures pupillary light reflex [PLR] parameters, which have been proven to be an objective, quantitative and non-invasive diagnostic means for concussion and TBI, but also holds promise for aiding diagnostic applications for autism, Alzheimer’s and glaucoma.”

Reflex’s patented SaaS platform leverages the iPhone video camera, which serves as a secure mobile data collection platform for brightlamp’s cloud-based evaluation software.

“An optometrist, nurse or medical technician can simply bring up the Reflex app on their iPhone, hold it at the optimal distance from the patient’s eye and Reflex’s machine learning algorithm takes it from there,” Sluss explained. “Its simplicity, safety and ease of use provides a sideline tool to a variety of medical professionals, such as athletic trainers.”

The secure mobile Reflex platform offers near-instant repeatability of physiological and unbiased tests, which allows diagnosis and recovery monitoring for multiple neurological applications. The new Reflex upgrade offers medical professionals a new opportunity to elevate the standard of care for their patients.

An opportunity to evaluate and sample the Reflex technology is available, including a short-term free trial.

brightlamp is an Indiana-based health care technology company that specializes in frontier computer vision methods. brightlamp’s premier patented technology monitors the eye’s reaction to light so more accurate and consistent neurological information can be obtained in seconds through a mobile device.

Source: Company Press Release