Osseoflex BT has the same technology found in the Osseoflex Steerable Needle and Osseoflex DR Steerable Drill and articulates up to 60 degrees.

When used in combination with Osseoflex Needle, the Bone Tamp allows unipedicular access to vertebral compression fractures.

CEO John Stalcup said the Osseoflex BT is the latest addition to the Osseon suite of steerable, minimally invasive devices.

Osseon Therapeutics markets Osseoplasty Suite which comprises of Osseoflex Steerable Needle, Osseoperm Bone Cement, Osseoflex DR Steerable Drill and Osseoflex Access Kit.

Osseoplasty Suite allows physicians treat vertebral compression fractures associated with osteoporosis, myelomas, and acute trauma.