The Sentinelle MRI Endo Coil array utliizes company’s proprietary technology for pelvic imaging.

It also provides high signal-to-noise imaging to help visualize and localize cancers in the pelvic region especially prostate cancer.

The Sentinelle’s 16 channel Breast Coil is designed to provide signal-to-noise ratio as well as optimal access for breast biopsies and aids to manage breast cancer.

The 16 channel array is still under Siemens validation and will initially be available on the Siemens Total Imaging Matrix (TIM) platforms, followed by validation on the Siemens Aera and Skyra MRI platforms.

Hologic’s Breast Health Division senior vice president and general manager Peter Soltan said they are excited about the possibilities these new products bring healthcare professionals for finding and treating breast and prostate cancer at the earliest stage possible.