OptiMedica said that the new system, which combines OptiMedica’s pattern scanning technology, a laser and integrated Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) imaging, is designed to improve the complex cataract procedure by replacing its most technically demanding and manual steps.

OptiMedica also said that the product is intended to provide refractive cataract surgeons with the same successful formula of precision, control, performance, safety and efficacy that OptiMedica has delivered in retina.

Mark Forchette, president and chief executive officer of OptiMedica, said: “Femtosecond laser technology for cataract surgery is one of the most promising therapeutic areas in ophthalmology, and OptiMedica has worked on this technology since the inception of the company. With the proven success of our Pascal Photocoagulator in retina, we have clearly demonstrated our ability to transform therapeutic practice on a global scale.”

William Culbertson, cataract medical advisory board chair of OptiMedica, said: “My experience working with OptiMedica on the development of its cataract technology has been very exciting and rewarding, as we are literally changing the face of cataract surgery as we know it.

“With the company’s new femtosecond laser system, we will be giving cataract physicians the tools they’ve long needed to master the critical yet difficult steps of capsulorhexis creation and nucleus fragmentation during cataract surgery. I expect the increased safety and precision afforded by this technology will yield significant improvement in patient outcomes as well as patient access to the procedure.”