Tandem Diabetes Care, a medical device company and manufacturer of the t:slim Insulin Pump, announced a partnership with Tidepool, a non-profit dedicated to improving diabetes therapy management by offering an open source software platform that increases diabetes data accessibility.

This partnership will enable users of the Tidepool Platform, which is currently under development, to download and access data from their t:slim Insulin Pump.

"Tidepool’s development efforts align with our philosophy that data empowers people with diabetes and their health care providers to make more informed decisions about their care," said Kim Blickenstaff, president and chief executive officer of Tandem Diabetes Care.

"The partnership complements our existing t:connect Diabetes Management Application and diasend Clinic offerings, and will further enhance our customers’ options for displaying data to manage their therapy with the t:slim Pump."

Once the Tidepool Platform is available, healthcare providers and people with diabetes will be able to upload therapy data from their t:slim Insulin Pumps at home or in clinics using Tidepool’s device uploader.

Tidepool’s first application in development, Blip, is designed to display data from multiple devices, including the t:slim Pump, blood glucose meters, and continuous glucose monitors.