The closed loop brain-responsive neurostimulation system treats seizures by continuously monitoring brain waves, recognizing each patient’s unique seizure onset fingerprint and automatically responding with imperceptible electrical pulses before seizures occur.

NeuroPace’s system includes neurostimulator leads that are placed at the seizure foci, remote monitor for patients to upload their data and RNS Tablet and patient data management system (PDMS) for physicians.

The system allows physicians to remotely view their patient’s electrographic data on a secure website and program the device settings to personalize therapy for each individual’s unique brain patterns.

NeuroPace CEO Frank Fischer said: “NeuroPace revolutionized epilepsy therapy in 2013 with the introduction of the world’s first closed loop, brain-responsive neuromodulation system—the only device that applies brain-computer interface technology to successfully treat refractory focal onset epilepsy.

“We have maintained our relentless focus on product innovation, and are excited to make the Next Gen RNS System—with twice the longevity and twice the memory in the same size device—available to our physician customers and their patients.”

According to the company, the RNS system showed safety and effectiveness in a multi-center, double-blinded, randomized controlled pivotal study of 191 patients across 31 epilepsy centers.

The system has been assessed in a long-term treatment (LTT) study, which is said to be the largest prospective clinical study in the field of neuromodulation with eight-year follow up data.

The RNS system significantly reduced seizures with continued improvement over time and patients achieved a 73% median reduction in seizures at eight years.

In October 2017, NeuroPace secured $74m funding to advance the commercialisation of RNS brain-responsive neurostimulation system, which will prevent epileptic seizures at their source.

The company closed the funding in the financing round carried out by the KCK Group and OrbiMed Advisors.