The patented technology, which is imbedded in NRG’s new disposable ISE and ISSDE electrodes provides a unique design consisting of alternating electrodes of both positive and negative polarities.

These unique electrodes, working with the InterX 900, deliver pain management therapy to both in-patient post-surgical patients as well to patients in outpatient or home environments.

The unique electrode design and layout allows the ISE or ISSDE electrodes to automatically locate and treat areas on the body of low impedance and provide more focused, higher amplitude stimulation, thus providing a more reliable and consistent pain management solution for a broad range of patient conditions.

"The issuance of our patent provides additional support and recognition to the uniqueness of InterX therapy and its overall capability to provide patients with improved non-drug, non-invasive therapy to manage both acute and chronic pain conditions," stated Dave Turner, NRG President and CEO.

Neuro Resource Group has been providing a range of Professional and Personal InterX devices to a wide range of treatment centers throughout the world since 2006.

InterX products are currently being used to treat pain and improve outcomes in hospitals, therapy clinics, military rehabilitation centers and professional sports teams worldwide.

Neuro Resource Group, headquartered in Plano, TX, specializes in the development, design and manufacture of innovative products for injury management, rehabilitation and pain management.