Under the arrangement, TPV will develop and manufacture femtosecond cataract and refractive laser system at its facilities in Munich, Germany, and service the product through its current worldwide service organization.

Bausch + Lomb Surgical will globally distribute TPV’s femtosecond laser.

TPV, an ophthalmology laser company established in 2009 through a joint venture between Bausch + Lomb and 20/10 Perfect Vision, said the femtosecond laser is capable of performing both cataract and refractive procedures on one platform.

The technology allows physicians to create a precise and centered capsulotomy for improved intraocular lens placement and fragments the lens for less invasive removal.

TPV has a full range of expertise in both femtosecond and excimer laser businesses with current innovations focused on laser cataract surgery and the correction of presbyopia.

TPV CEO Kristian Hohla said the agreement with Bausch + Lomb capitalizes on the investments TPV has made in advancing the technology and clinical capabilities of femtosecond lasers to meet physician and patient needs by combining cataract and refractive capabilities into one platform.

"Our strength and proven experience in laser technology, manufacturing and service are a perfect complement to Bausch + Lomb Surgical’s global partnership with the ophthalmic community, cataract expertise and marketing and sales abilities," Hohla said.

Commercialization is expected to begin in the second half of 2011.

TPV has already filed for 510(k) clearance in the US.