The Amplidiag Easy system has been developed for nucleic acid extraction and PCR setup directly from stool samples.

It provides users with an automated solution to accelerate sample to result time. It runs directly from stool primary sample tubes to PCR setup without manual intervention.

Amplidiag Analyzer software will enable to transfer data directly between the Amplidiag Easy and PCR instruments, helping to simplify overall workflow.

The company designed the new system to be compatible with its Amplidiag product line, which is a suite of IVD tests for gastrointestinal infections.

Amplidiag tests will enable to screen simultaneously panels of the most relevant gastrointestinal pathogens, and can be used in mid-sized to large laboratory settings.

Mobidiag CEO Tuomas Tenkanen said: “Amplidiag Easy sets a new standard for multiplex assays in gastrointestinal infections as it allows labs to overcome their main challenges: improve cost-efficiency by reducing hands-on-time and increase sample throughput with automation.

“In that perspective, we are very pleased to see the adoption of our first platform by the renowned Finnish lab Yhtyneet Medix Laboratoriot for their routine diagnostic screen.”

Based in Espoo of Finland, Mobidiag is involved in the development of novel solutions for the diagnosis of infectious diseases.

The company is also planning to launch new Novodiag platform and associated panels for smaller volumes and labs.

Image: Mobidiag has launched new Amplidiag Easy molecular extraction and PCR setup system. Photo: courtesy of Mobidiag Ltd.