Blackford, an artificial intelligence (AI)-based platform and solutions provider, has entered into a collaboration with France-based Pixyl to support the detection and monitoring of neurological diseases.

The commercial partnership will integrate Pixyl’s Pixyl.Neuro brain MRI analysis software with Blackford’s enterprise AI platform. online loans. It is expected to provide healthcare providers with more powerful solutions to aid the detection and monitoring of neuroinflammatory and neurodegenerative diseases on MRI.

Pixyl is a medical technology firm focused on AI-driven MRI solutions. Its Pixyl.Neuro algorithm is a next-generation AI software for brain MRI assessment.

Blackford’s platform solution offers medical practitioners access to a range of over 120 AI solutions. The offerings are intended to enhance patient outcomes and improve clinical accuracy and efficiency.

Blackford founder and CEO Ben Panter said: “Pixyl’s commitment to the detection and management of neurological diseases is a great fit with our mission to leverage AI to improve the lives of patients and populations.

“We’re therefore delighted to add the Pixyl.Neuro brain MRI analysis application to the already extensive portfolio of AI solutions available via our platform.”

Pixyl.Neuro uses generative AI technology to provide reliable performance in real-world applications by autonomously analysing brain MRI images. This facilitates the quick discovery, early diagnosis, and objective monitoring of neurological conditions.

In clinical trials and standard clinical practice, the software enables better understanding and decision-making, Blackford said.

Pixyl.Neuro is claimed to have shown improved detection rates of up to 28%, quicker MRI reading times, and facilitates early differential diagnosis with minimal MRI protocols and findings in minutes.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cleared the solution under class II (510(k)) in November last year. The European Union has granted CE-mark class IIa certification under the new Medical Device Regulations.

Pixyl CEO Senan Doyle said: “We are thrilled to partner with Blackford, a proven leader in AI adoption, to ensure that medical professionals can access the most advanced AI solutions and instantly access the information needed to diagnose and treat diseases earlier.

“This partnership is not just a technological collaboration, but a fusion of shared visions aimed at enhancing radiology workflows and elevating patient care.”