MID is expecting that FloShield will receive approval for sale in Japan in the second half of 2015.

FloShield is the laparoscopic device, which prevents loss of vision during laparoscopic surgery due to obscuration of the optics.

FloShield offers Active Lens Protection, a moving curtain of gas over the lens that prevents condensation, fluids and blood products from settling on the optics during surgery and provides a clear surgical view for the operating team.

MID CEO Dr Wayne Poll said the partnership with Mitsubishi will expand firm’s footprint globally and give more surgeons technology that prevents loss of vision during procedures.

"The next transformation in surgical video technology is not more pixels, but a solution that actually prevents loss of vision from even occurring," Poll added.

MID marketing vice-president Stephen Forden said: "Given the fact that obstructed vision reduces effectiveness and slows surgeries, the importance of clear, consistent, and uninterrupted vision during surgery is obvious."

Mitsubishi is also the exclusive distributor for Karl Storz’s endoscopic instruments and devices in the country.