Activa RC and Activa PC are the devices added to Medtronic’s DBS therapy portfolio. The Activa RC and Activa PC offers new programming tools, smaller size neurostimulators and a rechargeable neurostimulator lasting up to nine years between battery replacement surgery. The new patient programmer will enable patients the freedom to choose different programs to suit their diverse activities.

As a result, patients suffering from involuntary movements caused by conditions like Parkinson’s disease, essential tremor, and primary dystonia can now have more control of disabling motor symptoms. Patients are able to adjust their therapy within the parameters chosen by their physician, allowing increased movement control. Patients will also benefit from greater comfort because the new devices are up to 50% smaller in size than previous versions, said the company.

Ivar Mendez, head of the division of Neurosurgery, said: “The new DBS device allows patients to recharge the batteries of their device without the need of a surgical intervention. This new system is likely to have a significant beneficial impact on patients that require high levels of energy to control their symptoms. These types of technological advances improve our ability to treat our patients and provide them with longer and sustained relief.”