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InTandem includes shoe-worn sensors, a headset, and a touchscreen device preloaded with the InTandem software. (Credit: PR Newswire/ MedRhythms)

MedRhythms today announced that InTandem (MR-001) is now available by prescription for at-home use to improve walking and ambulation in adults living with chronic stroke walking impairments. InTandem is an evidence-based neurorehabilitation system based on the principles of Rhythmic Auditory Stimulation (RAS), an established and standardized intervention utilizing the mechanism of action of auditory-motor entrainment. Entrainment occurs when the motor and auditory systems in the brain unconsciously synchronize to an external cue, such as music.

Patients and Clinicians Experience a Significant and Growing Unmet Need for Chronic Stroke-Related Gait Impairment Rehabilitation
Advancements in acute stroke care have saved lives and put a new emphasis on recovery and rehabilitation. According to a 2023 report from the American Heart Association, stroke remains a leading cause of serious long-term disability. Gait impairment is a common sequelae following a stroke which impacts over half a million new people each year. During the development of InTandem, MedRhythms worked closely with people with chronic stroke, including establishing a Patient Advisory Board.

Brian Harris, MedRhythms’ CEO and Co-Founder, spoke on the new outlook InTandem offers to patients and caregivers: “We can and must do much more for these patients in the chronic phase of stroke. I’m excited that InTandem will provide an option for access to important care and that it will be available to patients in their homes. This is an important moment for stroke survivors and for MedRhythms as we begin the next phase of our journey to help people in need. I am proud of our passionate team who has worked tirelessly to get to this moment.”

InTandem includes shoe-worn sensors, a headset, and a touchscreen device preloaded with the InTandem software

InTandem received Breakthrough Device Designation from the FDA in 2020 and MedRhythms announced successful completion of a pivotal clinical trial for InTandem in 2023. In the study, InTandem users showed clinically-meaningful and statistically-significant improvements in gait speed as compared to an active walking control. InTandem is now available for prescription by eligible providers in select markets.

Source: Company Press Release