The MPM offers a value-added benefit for transcription outsourcing customers who use the DocQment Enterprise Platform, and is robust and relevant enough to meet The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) standards.

As a reporting tool, the MPM produces meaningful, actionable information, including turnaround time (TAT) compliance, worktype and dictator statistics, performance trends, and quality indicators.

The key features and benefits includes Metrics, that can be used to track and manage clinical reporting performance, provide summary reports to management, and obtain data required by The Joint Commission.

The critical areas tracked by the tool include TAT compliance, Quality Indicator ‘blanks’ reporting ratio, Documentation and author input deficiencies, Physician performance and compliance.

Measureable, quantifiable data that is displayed in both graph and chart formats for easy interpretation and continuous improvement are determined by using this tool.

Michael Clark, chief operating officer of MedQuist, said: “Consistent with MedQuist’s leadership in driving toward transparency within the industry, customers who contract with us for transcription work can see, clearly and concisely, how their outsourced service and physicians are performing.

“MedQuist’s assigned Customer Care Managers review the MPM reports with their customers on a regular basis, and offer best practices, continuous process improvement advice, information and tools to help maximize document quality, data efficiency, and service delivery consistency and compliance, for optimal patient care.”