Global medical products company Baxter International has signed the Patient Safety Movement Foundation's (PSMF) open data pledge as the 89th company to demonstrate the importance of data sharing to improving patient safety.


Image: Baxter International has signed PSMF’s Open Data Pledge to improve patient safety. Photo: courtesy of Baitong333 /

Companies that have signed the PSMF’s Open Data Pledge are committed to allowing access to the data generated by their medical devices to anyone, including researchers, software engineers and entrepreneurs, that seeks to improve patient safety.

By sharing data generated by their products, in accordance with applicable patient privacy laws, these companies help further the development of predictive algorithms that can notify clinicians and patients of dangerous trends, and thus enable earlier interventions.

Patient Safety Movement Foundation founder and chairman Joe Kiani said: “Every day we hear more stories about hospitals wishing to use predictive algorithms to identify deteriorating patients early.

“The greater the number of companies that sign the Open Data Pledge, the closer we’ll be to creating a patient data superhighway that will help create predictive algorithms and decision support tools to help hospitals reach ZERO preventable patient deaths. We thank Baxter for joining this effort.”

Baxter International chief scientific and technology officer and senior vice president Sumant Ramachandra said: “We signed the Open Data Pledge as part of our ongoing commitment to help transform patient care and improve patient safety.

“Patient safety is paramount to our mission to save and sustain lives.”

The Patient Safety Movement Foundation encourages healthcare technology companies to share the data that their products are purchased for, subject to applicable patient privacy laws. They do so without disclosing any proprietary algorithms or protected data.

Source: Company Press Release