SpectraLIT - Spectral Instant Test is claimed to be the world's fastest Covid-19 test, which delivers results in just one second


MediCircle Health has launched SpectraLIT Covid-19 test in India. (Credit: PRNewswire / MediCircle Health Pvt. Ltd)

AI-powered diagnostics company MediCircle Health has introduced an instant Covid-19 testing platform, dubbed SpectraLIT, in India.

SpectraLIT – Spectral Instant Test is claimed to be the world’s fastest Covid-19 test, which delivers results in just one second.

SpectraLIT is a portable spectrophotometry-based testing platform, which uses machine learning and artificial intelligence for the identification of Covid-19 from an individual’s nasal or mouthwash sample.

The SpectraLIT test helps to avoid the use of complex lab equipment and chemicals, as well as delivers immediate results using the spectral signature of the virus.

The AI algorithm allows SpectraLIT to easily differentiate an infected person and a healthy person. SpectraLIT’s algorithm can be adjusted to identify different variants of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.

Newsight Imaging, along with Israel’s Sheba Medical Centre, has developed SpectraLIT testing platform.

Hong Kong-based AI Innobio secured the licence to distribute the technology in the Asia Pacific region.

MediCircle Health has entered into an exclusive partnership with AI InnoBio to introduce the SpectraLIT testing platform in India.

SpectraLIT platform also holds the potential to identify other infectious diseases such as influenza, tuberculosis, malaria, dengue, and UTIs, as well as non-communicable diseases such as sickle cell disease.

SpectraLIT already secured CE mark approval to diagnose Covid-19 infection in the European Union region. It is currently under evaluation to secure FDA approval in the US.

MediCircle Health partner Dr Rajit Shah said: “SpectraLIT is a platform that can detect Covid-19 in seconds. It enables instant, accurate, and scalable Covid-19 testing.

“It is unique in that it provides results within seconds. Since the test is internet-powered, the results are shared with designated parties such as ICMR, patients, and employers in real-time.”