Medical Guardian has introduced a new medical alert smartwatch, dubbed Freedom Guardian, which is designed to serve as safety device for older adults.


Image: Freedom Guardian medical alert smartwatch. Photo: courtesy of Business Wire.

The new medical alert smartwatch, which will provide round-the-clock monitoring, support and connectivity, is designed to replace the personal emergency response systems (PERS).

Freedom Guardian is a discrete and easy-to-use medical alert system that supports older adults to continue lead healthy lifestyle, with emergency/SOS as its core feature.

With a suite of features for older adults, Freedom Guardian is audible, lightweight, and comfortable to wear, as well as features high resolution touchscreen and oversized icons for better use.

The smartwatch is provided with various safety features, including two-way voice communication, GPS and Wi-Fi location tracking, text-to-speech messaging, calendar alerts and reminders, and localized weather forecast.

The water-resistant smartwatch holds capacity to read out the date and time, and is available in two different colors such as black and white.

Freedom Guardian allows users to call directly across the US for help and speak with a certified operator to determine which type of service the wearer needs.

The smartwatch features advanced location technology, which will search cell signals, GPS and triangulation to find the user. It also offers reminders and alerts, and local weather forecast.

Via Freedom Guardian’s complimentary app, Care Circle contacts can monitor and receive instant notifications of the wearer’s current location and location history through the watch’s GPS capabilities and satellite view.

The app will also help to send messages directly to the wearer to check-in on their day or remind them of major upcoming events.

Medical Guardian founder and CEO Geoff Gross said: “Freedom Guardian is a product that is symbolic of our organization’s next phase of innovative offerings and speaks to a larger shift in the connected health space.

“We’re thrilled to finally bring this first-of-its-kind device to our current and future customers. It’s an achievement that is a result of a massive collaborative effort by our team and partners.”

Based in Philadelphia, Medical Guardian provides advanced medical alert systems and is a member of the National Aging in Place Council.