Designed with patented, juxtaposing band technology and made with a soft but strong fabric, the juxtalite hd applies graduated compression over the entire lower leg. The effortless juxtaposing bands promote patient self-management and improve quality of life, enabling patients to easily adjust their compression wrap throughout the day and expedite the wound healing process.

The juxtalite hd comes with a pair of new circaid compressive undersocks, which apply compression to the foot and ankle areas to effectively manage foot and ankle swelling. circaid products are designed with a patented, Built-In-Pressure System (BPS) that enables multiple, measurable, targeted compression ranges in a single product.

“It is extremely valuable for wound-care patients to be able to maintain their quality of life during the wound healing process, and to be involved in self-management of their condition,” said Eric Schraibman, National Wound Care Manager and Certified Wound Care Associate. “The new juxtalite hd is straightforward for both patients and clinicians to use; it is low-profile to fit under everyday clothes; and it is made from a robust, firm material that will contain swelling.”

The juxtalite hd comes in two lengths and eight sizes, including extra-wide sizes, which provides optimal comfort and efficacy. medi also offers the circaid juxtalite as a venous disease & ulcer compression solution for patients with mild edema.

The new ready-to-wear juxtalite hd joins a full range of compression products offered by medi in its circaid inelastic compression line. medi creates compression solutions that improve the quality of life for every patient across all stages of venous and wound care conditions. To learn more, visit

Source: Company Press Release