Using the filter membrane spin column technology and simple bind-wash-elute steps, Isolate kits isolate nucleic acids including DNA or RNA from various biological materials.

Bioline president Marco Calzavara said, "With ISOLATE II nucleic acid purification kits, researchers can now quickly achieve the purity and yield necessary for high-performance PCR [polymerase chain reaction] and real time PCR experiments."

Meridian Life Science president Richard Eberly said the company is committed to bring new quality products to the research laboratory, clinical diagnostic laboratories and biotechnology companies.

"We are delighted to release the next generation of nucleic acid purification kits, ISOLATE II, to build on the rapidly expanding portfolio of highly specialized molecular biology reagents from Bioline," Eberly added.

Bioline said ten new DNA and RNA Isolate II kits are available and feature both DNA and RNA extraction kits for various starting samples and tissues types.