First of Its Kind Smartwatch Combines Masimo’s Accurate, Continuous Health Tracking Technology and Breakthrough Features in a Premium, Elegant Watch


Masimo Freedom. (Credit: Business Wire)

Masimo (NASDAQ: MASI), a global leader in pulse oximetry and innovative noninvasive monitoring technologies, unveiled the newest addition to its wearable product line: the Masimo Freedom™ smartwatch. Developed to revolutionize the wearable technology industry, the Masimo Freedom smartwatch offers you the freedom to take control of your personal health and privacy through accurate and continuous health tracking, including a novel hardware feature designed to reduce radiation and free you from privacy infringement.

The Masimo Freedom smartwatch builds on the success of the Masimo W1™ advanced biosensing watch by leveraging its state-of-the-art sensor and digital signal processing technology, enabling it to provide continuous, accurate, and reliable readings of key health data, like arterial blood oxygen saturation (SpO2), hydration index (Hi™), pulse rate, heart rate, respiration rate. The Freedom smartwatch seamlessly integrates Masimo’s cutting-edge health tracking technology into an elegant, user-friendly wearable with premium connectivity through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and LTE technologies, enabling the everyday conveniences of texting, calling, music, and third-party app compatibility. Masimo Freedom is an ideal companion for active individuals looking for better control of their day-to-day health and wellness data. Unlike other products on the market, Masimo Freedom features a physical privacy switch that instantly stops all data sharing beyond the device, including user data, as well as microphone, location, and metadata.

“We are thrilled to finally unveil Freedom,” said Joe Kiani, Founder and CEO of Masimo. “We believe that this groundbreaking new product will revolutionize wearable technology and health tracking. We are allowing people to take control of their health with continuous and accurate actionable biosensing information along with the convenience of being connected, but without compromising their freedom.”

The Masimo Freedom smartwatch utilizes technology based on Masimo SET® pulse oximetry to optimize the capture of health data on the wrist. Masimo SET® is the primary pulse oximetry technology used at 9 of the top 10 hospitals, as ranked in the 2022-23 U.S. News & World Report Best Hospitals Honor Roll,1 and has been shown in over 100 studies to outperform other pulse oximetry technologies in clinical settings.2

In addition to Masimo Freedom, Masimo is also introducing a sleek, screenless band built on the innovations developed for Masimo W1 and Freedom. The band is designed to work in tandem and seamlessly synchronize with Freedom, so that you can wear one while charging the other – a 24/7 continuous wear ecosystem maximizing your ability to track your health both during the active day and at night while you sleep.

Source: Company Press Release