Radius T° will continuously measure temperatures using a small, inconspicuous and wearable sensor


Masimo Radius T° continuous thermometer. (Credit: Masimo)

Medical technology company Masimo has introduced a new wearable and wireless Radius T° continuous thermometer for consumers.

The Radius T° thermometer has been designed to continuously measure body temperature, and transmit data and customisable temperature notifications to the user’s smartphone.

The traditional thermometer enables a person to only notice a spike in temperature hours after a spike has occurred, while Radius T° allows to continuously measure temperatures.

Radius T° uses a small, inconspicuous and wearable sensor that can be applied to anyone from children to elderly adults.

Radius T° has been designed to eliminate manual measurements

Designed to eliminate manual measurements, Radius T° utilises advanced algorithms to deliver body temperature measurements for users five years or older that approximate oral temperature and not just external skin temperature.

According to the company, Radius T° offers temperature measurements with laboratory accuracy within ±0.1°C, while other oral thermometry solutions generally have laboratory accuracy within ±0.2°C.

At the starting of this year, the company introduced Radius T° as part of the Masimo SafetyNet remote patient management solution for use both in hospitals and by patients at home.

The disposable Radius T° sensor, which is water-resistant during shower and exercise, can be worn for up to eight days.

With the support of built-in Bluetooth, the sensor easily couples with the Masimo Radius T° App on the user’s smartphone to deliver real-time temperature values with user-definable automatic notifications.

The Radius T° continuous thermometer is yet to secure 510(k) clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Currently, it is marketed under the FDA’s Enforcement Policy for Clinical Electronic Thermometers during Covid-19.

The company already secured CE mark approval for the device.

Masimo founder and CEO Joe Kiani said: “We’re excited to expand our growing line of consumer solutions, which includes MightySat and Masimo Sleep, with the Radius T° Continuous Thermometer.

“For years, clinicians have trusted Masimo technology to monitor patients in the hospital. With Radius T° and our other consumer solutions, we’re bringing our expertise and experience in accurately and reliably measuring physiological data from the hospital to the home.”

In September this year, Masimo received FDA approval for its Rad-G Pulse Oximeter, which facilitates both spot-checking and continuous monitoring.