Worn as eyewear by the healthcare provider retrieving the vein, the VASOVISION system offers crisp, clear views of the harvesting tunnel (the area surrounding the vein to be harvested) and can eliminate the strain associated with poorly placed monitors or field of view challenges commonly found in operating rooms. The system is lightweight, comfortable and easy to use with fingertip adjustments for brightness and contrast. This new product is part of the VASOVIEW Endoscopic Vessel Harvesting (EVH) portfolio of products from MAQUET Cardiovascular, and will be sold separately as well as in combination with other VASOVIEW products.

VASOVISION is at the forefront of ergonomic visualization technology for endoscopic vessel harvesting. It is exciting to know that MAQUET remains committed to innovation in cardiac surgery products, said Thomas Langdon, M.D., of Omaha Thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgery in Nebraska. Dr. Langdon is also director of cardiovascular surgery at the Alegent Health Heart & Vascular Institute in Omaha.

We are strongly committed to further advancing EVH technology and conduit quality in bypass surgery. VASOVISION is another example of our commitment to enhancing the procedure, said Raoul Quintero, President and CEO, MAQUET Cardiovascular US Sales LLC. We believe we have developed an important visualization system that can help improve the operating room environment for clinicians wishing to perform EVH.