The approval for the new addition to the Aorfix endovascular stent graft portfolio is said to expand the range of proximal neck diameter sizes up to 36mm.

Aorfix is an endovascular stent graft system, which is developed to treat infra-renal aortic and aorto-iliac aneurysms or abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAAs).

Lombard Medical CEO Simon Hubbert said: "The approval of AorfixPlus further expands our ability to treat a wide range of patient anatomies, including highly-angled necks and large neck diameters.

"Aorfix’s unique indication to treat patients with aortic neck angulations up to 90 degrees, coupled with a comprehensive suite of sizing options, will allow an even greater number of patients with AAAs to benefit from treatment with Aorfix."

According to Lombard, Aorfix features a helical and circular design, which allows it to adjust to the natural contours of human anatomy, including aortic necks with high angulations and iliac arteries with extreme bends.

In February 2013, Aorfix initially obtained FDA approval for proximal diameter devices between 24mm and 31mm.