Along with standard intravenous thrombolytic therapy, the device will non-invasively deliver therapeutic ultrasound energy to the occluded vessel in the brain, without any need for a trained sonographer or vascular technician.

Cerevast Therapeutics CEO Bradford A. Zakes said the ultrasound will significantly minimize the technical challenges associated with the administration of transcranial ultrasound for the treatment of ischemic stroke.

”Unlike conventional Doppler instruments that are designed and approved for diagnostic purposes only, the Clotbust ER delivers therapeutic ultrasound energy to the region of the occlusion without the need to aim the transducer or hold it in place by hand for extended periods of time,” Zakes added.

UAB Comprehensive Stroke Research Center director and professor of Neurology Andrei Alexandrov said the operator-independent design of the Clotbust facilitates safe, fast and reliable amplification of systemic thrombolytic treatment in the emergency room setting.