LDR Holding Corporation has announced that it received an US FDA approval on Feb 2 to market its ROI-A implant as an anterior lumbar interbody fusion (ALIF) device. The company previously received the clearance in April 2008 as a partial vertebral body replacement. The ROI-A system incorporates the innovative VerteBRIDGE screwless plating technology. The company’s ROI-A ALIF is a stand-alone implant system with zero profile, self-locking plates designed for initial and long-term stability. The surgical technique followed is a direct anterior approach in which the curved plates are inserted along the sagittal plane thus requiring no additional exposure to the vertebral bodies. This stand-alone implant system is made of PEEK-Optima for biocompatibility and radiolucency along with Tantalum markers for verification of implant positioning. The system is consists of multiple footprint sizes, lordotic angles and heights for optimized fit per anatomical requirements. A novel inserter holds the implant that protects vascular structures and helps in guiding the plates during insertion.