Laborie Medical Technologies has launched the Solar Compact System and Solar Anorectal Manometry Catheter (AMC) to improve diagnostics of gastrointestinal conditions.

Anorectal manometry, which is a medical test for assessing pressures in the anus and rectum, plays a crucial role in diagnosing gastrointestinal issues.

The Solar Catheter is a disposable 10-channel air-charged AMC with high resolution. It is designed to interface with the reusable Solar Charger to deliver precise pressure readings in the lower gastrointestinal tract.

Laborie Medical Technologies said that the Solar Compact System simplifies the investigations into pharyngeal, oesophageal, and anorectal motility by using biofeedback mechanisms and accommodating both air-charged and solid-state catheters.

The system is designed for office use and is said to be both portable and cost-effective. It can be used in diagnosing defecatory disorders due to its adaptability and efficacy.

The Solar Compact System and Solar Anorectal Manometry Catheter are said to be the only disposable high resolution anorectal manometry (HRAM) catheter on the market. 

The New Hampshire-based Laborie has designed these devices to enhance the ability to diagnose defecatory disorders and pelvic-floor dysfunction related to constipation and faecal incontinence.

According to the medical technology company, both systems achieve this by measuring static and dynamic pressures within the lower gastrointestinal tract.

Laborie Medical Technologies gastroenterology business unit vice president and general manager Rhett Klein said: “The Solar Compact System and Solar Catheter were designed for portability and with single-use HRAM catheters that do not need to be sterilised like their solid-state reusable predecessors.

“At Laborie, our primary objective is to provide solutions that add clinical value to practices, improve patient outcomes, and enhance the patient experience.”

Additionally, the Laborie software aligns with the standards set by the International Anorectal Physiology Working Group (IAPWG), ensuring compliance with established guidelines.

Automatic analysis based on the London Classification simplifies interpretation. On the other hand, the QuickView Analysis software provides intuitive tools for accurate and efficient data understanding.

Additionally, the software has HL7 and network availability to ensure easy connectivity, easing data sharing, and integration into current systems.