Designed for wound closure, the knotless sutures portfolio allows surgeons to manage tension and control tissue approximation with each pass during closure and eliminates the need to tie knots.

Strafix knotless tissue control devices can address tissue repair needs in a range of surgical specialties including orthopaedic, plastic, gynecological, general, bariatric, colorectal, and urological procedures.

Stratafix Spiral Plus sutures, which provide a smooth glide through tissue, are available in both bidirectional and a unidirectional design with an adjustable fixation loop.

The company has made new sutures by using polymers, needles and Plus antibacterial coating, which enable optimal wound closure.

Ethicon franchise medical director Liza Ovington said: “With more than 60 years of experience, Ethicon has become synonymous with surgical sutures.

“Ethicon will continue to innovate in wound closure working to provide solutions that elevate the standard of care for surgeons and the patients they serve.”

In April, Ethicon acquired NeuWave Medical, which is engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of minimally invasive soft-tissue microwave ablation systems.

NeuWave’s Certus 140 ablation system features computer and touchscreen interface, which enables activation of single or simultaneous multiple probe procedures for patients with soft-tissue lesions.

Image: New Strafix sutures are made with proprietary polymers, premium needles and Plus antibacterial coating. Photo: courtesy of PRNewsFoto / Ethicon.