Inovalon, a health care data analytics company, and NextGen Healthcare Information Systems, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Quality Systems, have announced partnership to integrate Inovalon's advanced healthcare data analytics with NextGen Share.

NextGen Share is an interoperability platform that allows providers safely, securely, accurately and quickly exchange clinical data and provide referrals without leaving their electronic health record system. The interoperability platform enables improvements in clinical and quality outcomes, and financial performance.

Through this partnership with Inovalon, NextGen will be able to create interoperability that efficiently automates medical record data extraction without burdening onsite clinical resources.

NextGen Share, using the latest interoperability standards and transport mechanisms, will provide Inovalon a mechanism whereby structured and unstructured data may be analysed for all participating NextGen Healthcare clients.

Powered by Inovalon’s big data analytics leveraging 8.3 billion medical events within its Medical Outcomes Research for Efficiency and Effectiveness Registry (MORE2 Registry), interoperability with NextGen Share enables more rapid value creation through the resolution of care, quality, utilization, and disease status accuracy gaps.

NextGen Healthcare executive vice president and general manager Michael Lovett noted this partnership empowers a valuable capability for NextGen Healthcare users, the health plans with which they work and the patients that they serve.

"By leveraging Inovalon’s advanced quality improvement and risk score accuracy analytics, we can provide our clients with the tools necessary to deliver more efficient and effective care," Lovett added.