The partnership will allow hospitals in Germany, Austria and Switzerland to acquire, process, manage and deliver patient related data directly into the MARIS anesthesia documentation solution using Capsule’s DataCaptor connectivity software.

hSp offers solutions to manage the anesthesia process and documentation in a hospital with a specialized focus in mobile IT-solutions and patient related data of OR medical devices are an essential part of the solution.

The partnership with Capsule automates documentation by automatically collecting, processing, translating, managing and delivering patient and device data directly to the Maris anesthesia system with improved timeliness and accuracy of patient data across the enterprise and improved patient care.

Support & Service chief executive Eric Schnur said that with the knowledge of Capsule Technologie it is possible to connect MARIS anesthesia directly to every established monitor and anesthesia equipment to offer more benefit to customers.

Capsule regional sales manager DACH Frank Bergs said that they have found with the Support & Service, a subsidiary of the Waldbreitbacher Franziskanerinnen, a strong and service oriented partner for mobile IT-solutions in and outside the hospital clinic organization.