eGestalt technology services partner SOS Systems of Memphis, a managed compliance provider, provided on-site deployment, guidance and training.

SOS Systems used the templates available in the SecureGRC SB solution to set up policies and automate procedures, helping to manage 10-years’ worth of patient records.

SecureGRC SB is delivered through managed compliance providers (MCP) who leverage the built-in ‘Best Practices’ library in the solution on how to customize and resolve each and every open issue with an approach depending on the particular business deployment.

Internal Medicine of Memphis (IMM) said using SecureGRC SB, they have performed an assessment that instructed us how to proceed with aligning ourselves with HIPAA compliancy.

eGestalt president Anupam Sahai said the self-assessment process includes online help and access to best practices which enables users to answer questions effectively.

"SMBs can achieve risk mitigation by remediating any security and compliance gaps found by enforcing policies and procedures through customization of templates available from SecureGRC SB," Sahai said.