The ParaLens Advance builds on the ParaLens Microscope Attachment, which introduced the benefits of durable, easy-to-power LED fluorescence microscopy to thousands of labs around the world.

The ParaLens Advance improves on its predecessor with a light source, equivalent to a 100 Watt mercury vapor bulb, and a patent-pending removable filter set arm that allows users to quickly change between objectives whenever necessary.

LED fluorescence microscopy has demonstrated increased sensitivity and speed in numerous research and clinical applications, including the detection of infectious diseases such as tuberculosis and malaria.

QBC Diagnostics vice president and general manager Craig Stout said the ParaLens Advance was developed to provide the benefits of LED fluorescence microscopy to more users around the world.

"By upgrading their existing microscopes, these users can meet the WHO’s recommendation without investing in unnecessary new equipment," Stout said.