Intelerad said that its IntelePACS 3D adds power to its InteleViewer reading software by employing intelligent, hybrid client and server rendering technology and optimises speed through its multi-mode image streaming design, while taking full advantage of 64-bit and multicore CPU resources for top performance.

IntelePACS 3D facilitates image distribution and on-the-fly access to 3D images in real time, including prior studies, eliminating the need for back and forth iterations with technologists or a dedicated 3D lab for data reconstruction.

IntelePACS 3D allows radiologists to make better and faster diagnoses, through better workflow orchestration, display automation and usability, Intelerad Medical Systems said.

Intelerad chief engineering officer Rick Rubin said that having the Fovia HDVR technology directly embedded into InteleViewer enables workflow gains through display automation, such as the creation of layout protocols that automatically generate ‘on-the-fly’ reformats for direct comparisons between current and prior studies.

“IntelePACS 3D features multi-planar reformatting, maximum intensity projections, and High Definition Volume Rendering directly within InteleViewer, offering a consistent and improved user experience within a single interface,” Rubin said.