Absorption Systems, a provider in testing drugs for ADMET (Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Excretion and Toxicity), has launched Express Plus ADME Assays, a series of in-vitro and in-vivo tools for the identification of promising drug-like leads at an early stage of drug discovery.

Absorption Systems said that the services offer enhanced value across three critical elements: robust assay designs, timely project execution and data interpretation focused on the advancement potential of new drug candidates.

Express Plus ADME Assays also provide flexibility when choosing services with no minimum compound requirement for the number of assays or test compounds. As an added benefit, customers ordering multiple compounds or assays at a time will receive a discount of as much as 40%.

Regardless of the number of compounds or assays, customers are expected to be able to take advantage of the company’s rapid turnaround of just 10 days or less, said the company.

Patrick Dentinger, president and CEO of Absorption Systems, said: “We work hard to make sure our customers get what they want and with the launch of the new Express Plus ADME Assays we are delivering just that. We pride ourselves on providing excellent service, rapid turnaround and high-quality data.

“With Express Plus ADME Assays, we further strengthen our commitment in helping our customers bring safer drugs to market by enabling them to profile the ADME properties of their compounds with confidence.”