Integra’s new line of lumbar valves was designed to treat hydrocephalus by regulating the drainage of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) from the lumbar spine. These valves utilize the same revolutionary flow-regulating mechanism that has been at the heart of the OSV II product line since its introduction for treatment of hydrocephalus by the regulation of CSF drainage from the ventricular spaces of the brain.

In instances where it is difficult to place the shunt in the ventricular space, the OSV II Lumbar and OSV II Low Flow Lumbar valves facilitate an alternative path for hydrocephalus treatment by allowing for the insertion of a shunt in the lumbar region and diverting the flow of CSF to an appropriate site in the patient’s body, such as the peritoneal cavity.

The OSV II Low Flow Lumbar Valve was designed to accommodate patient populations that may require a slightly lower flow rate, such as aging patients.

The OSV II Lumbar valves represent advancement in the treatment of hydrocephalus. They maintain a constant CSF flow rate that minimizes the risks of under or overdrainage and allow increased confidence in patient treatment.

John Barrett, VP of R&D and marketing at Integra NeuroSciences, said: “We’re pleased that we can offer surgeons and patients an alternative treatment option for hydrocephalus. Integra’s self-adjusting valves automatically adapt to the patient’s changing drainage needs on a continuous basis without the need for programming or adjustment by the physician.”