NeoChord, a privately held medical technology firm focused on the advancement of minimally invasive repair for degenerative mitral regurgitation (DMR), has completed the first beating heart repair procedures in Asia.

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Image: NeoChord has completed first beating heart repair procedures in Asia. Photo: courtesy of dream designs /

The first patients in Asia have been treated using the NeoChord procedure at Queen Mary Hospital (QMH) in Hong Kong.

Cardiothoracic surgery consultants Simon Lam and Daniel Chan led the QMH heart team to treat five consecutive patients with degenerative mitral valve regurgitation.

NeoChord procedure was carried out as intended in each of the five cases, said the company.

Dr Lam said: “We are pleased to be able to provide this beating heart mitral repair treatment option for our patients suffering from mitral regurgitation. All five patients are doing extremely well and have experienced excellent procedural outcomes.”

NeoChord procedure is a beating heart and echo-guided treatment option for patients with mitral valve regurgitation. It is said to resolve and restore normal mitral valve function.

Patienst will be referred for cardiopulmonary bypass in standard mitral valve repair procedures. The heart will be arrested while the mitral valve is exposed and repaired.

NeoChord’s technology enables minimally invasive procedure through transapical incision on a beating heart without the requirement of cardio-pulmonary bypass or aortic cross-clamping.

During the NeoChord procedure, the surgeon uses real-time feedback in the OR to precisely adjust the length of the newly placed chord, as well as reduce and avoid mitral valve regurgitation all while the heart is beating.

NeoChord president and CEO David Chung said: “We are privileged to partner with Queen Mary and bring the NeoChord procedure to patients in Hong Kong. This partnership delivers on our commitment to bring the most advanced technology for clinicians and their patients affected by degenerative mitral valve regurgitation.

“Our vast experience throughout Europe has helped to perfect the procedure and to select the optimal patients for a predictable outcome. We look forward to continuing to improve the quality of life for patients afflicted with mitral regurgitation.”

In December 2012, the company secured CE mark approval for NeoChord artificial chordae delivery system.